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The Benefits of Team Care

Many patients with complex medical conditions face the additional challenge of having behavioral health needs that complicate their ability to manage their physical well-being.

Integra offers a robust array of resources to help patients who may be struggling with serious mental illness. Patients, including those who have had a recent inpatient admission, can receive care from a dedicated team of mental health professionals through either HealthPath, an initiative of The Providence Center’s (TPC) Continuum Behavioral Health, or the Integra Health Home team.

If a patient has been hospitalized for psychiatric care, a Health Home team member will work with the inpatient staff to meet the patient on the unit and begin coordination of care. You can also refer patients who have already been discharged and those participating in partial hospital and outpatient programs.

TPC staff will meet with the patient, describe the benefits of HealthPath or the Integra Health Home Team, and the array of services available – including transportation assistance. A functional assessment is also used to determine eligibility and care level. Once assessed, participating patients are assigned to a primary staff member and begin working with the team.

HealthPath & Continuum Behavioral Health

For patients covered by Blue Cross, there is HealthPath, a program of Continuum Behavioral Health Services. For individuals who have received care in a behavioral health acute care facility, HealthPath provides a team of psychiatrists, therapists, peer specialists, and case managers. The HealthPath care team helps clients manage appointments, medications, and follow-ups.

To learn more about Continuum and HealthPath please visit: or call (401) 415-8868.

Health Home & The Providence Center

Patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid, or covered by both programs, can benefit from similar services through the Health Home program of TPC. This program can assist when a patient has been hospitalized for behavioral health needs, experienced a crisis, or has suffered from severe, persistent mental illness.

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