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M-F 8:30 am-5 pm

Please note your individual provider’s hours of operation may vary from Integra Community Care Network, LLC.

What can Integra do for my patients? Why should they “belong?”

The Integra Community Care Network is Rhode Island’s largest accountable care organization, and one of the most successful in the state. Our ACO is a partnership of primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and others who work together to provide efficient healthcare delivery, meet quality-of-care objectives and, in turn, share in savings.

By providing a robust platform of population health support services and infrastructure, Integra is committed to supporting community-based physicians who provide exceptional and efficient patient care.

Unlike traditional fee-for-service payment systems that reward physicians on the number of procedures performed, Integra incentivizes our primary care physicians to keep their patients healthy through prevention and avoidance of unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency room visits, tests and procedures.

Integra improves the patient experience of care by emphasizing collaboration, patient education and engagement, high-quality service accessibility, best practice adoption, physician and hospital alignment, and critical information sharing.

With our advanced data reporting capabilities, Integra providers and staff can more effectively target patients for education, intervene to improve health and wellness, track compliance with critical screening exams, and ensure meeting of public and private payer performance standards. 

In turn, members of the Integra community experience improved health outcomes and lowered healthcare expenditures. 

 And you get the control and independence you need. 

Member organizations

Care New England Health System
Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation
South County Health

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